We’re developing new treatments for women in all stages of life.

Our clinical trial teams work to expand our understanding of women’s health and to focus on meeting the unmet healthcare needs of women around the world.


Contraception (birth control) is the prevention of pregnancy, impacting women from teenage years to middle age, globally. Our researchers look to develop new and better forms of contraception to provide women more options.

Cancer that affects women

We are leaders in researching cancers that affect women’s health, including cancers of the breast and gynecologic (female reproductive) system, such as the ovaries, uterus, and cervix. We are doing many cancer trials that need volunteers.

Explore our current breast cancer trials
Explore our current gynecologic cancer trials

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether to participate in a clinical trial. Any clinical trial includes risks, which the study doctor will review with you. Make sure you understand the risks before participating.

You can also call our clinical trial information center at 1-888-577-8839 to learn more.

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If you’re not sure which area of focus you’re interested in, let our match tool guide you with just a few questions.

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Resources for patients

For help understanding clinical trial listings and for other resources, visit our Patient Resources section.
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About clinical trials

Learn what clinical trials are, how they work, and if you may be eligible to participate.
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